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Tachyonic software controls a large pool of services such as cloud, networking, dns, email throughout the infrastructure managed through a dashboard. The goal here is to have a single entry point for managing all services and exposing these services to tenants via one dashboard. Integration with existing authentication database and CRM is done via driver interfaces. Tachyon scale is only dependent on the deployment method used and is designed to scale infinitely. All interfaces such as API endpoints and Dashboard views are fully extendible via plugins/modules. It's all open-source and completely customizable.

See project page: http://www.tachyonic.co.za


Python Personal Blogging application. In early development phase. The Neutrino build App that made this page possible.


Python IP v4 and v6 Calculator Module for 2.7 and 3.x

See project page: http://www.tachyonic.co.za/pyipcalc