About Me

I'm one of very few JNCIE-SP (no661) engineers in Africa working at one of the largest integrators NEC XON in Africa for a period of over 12 years. The internet is one of humanity's great accomplishments and grateful to be able to-do my bit to modernize it. My core responsibility has been the design and integration of large carrier and mobile networks. All of my work at XON has aimed to improve carrier/mobile operator networks by performing research and development, proof of concept testing and integration.

Automation such as service to activation or just simple devops tasks on Unix (FreeBSD/Linux) environments interfacing with network equipment has typically been value-add part of my integration work. (Using several protocols such as BGP LU/LI, Netconf and Radius) Most the automation is developed in Python including Web Applications (PHP/Python3(wsgi), JS, HTML5+CSS), however if needed for example performance parsing NETFLOW packets I use C/C++.

My expertise are wide allowing me to design cloud infrastructure, networks, hosting services on UNIX platforms and develop the software that turns your network into a confederated database. Self-developed customer portals for provisioning and payment gateways. Telemetry wise I have developed my own collectors and pipelines for big data analysis, reporting and alerting. Worked with projects like Openstack and ElasticStack. I have spent lots of time modifying and patching neutron to integrate GRE/VXLAN outside of the virtual-networks. My experience has thus led me to work with openvswitch (OVS) and even developing a scalable micro-services endpoints for subscriber management using my own Radius protocol implementation in production at operators today. The combined knowledge of development, network protocols and application protocols provides me a really strong security background.

Working with many operators has allowed me to acquire a large number of skills rather than specialise on a limited range of products and technologies.